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jeffers71jeffers71 Posts: 6
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Hi Everyone,

My lawn was laid turf (good quality from a reputable supplier) 5 years ago.  Has looked good for 3 years, but the last 2 it’s look just ok/poor.

I've attached photos showing the lawn, it’s very dry on the edge where the fence and bush behind is.  It doesn’t drain very quickly once watered.  Not as level in places as it once was.  Weeds in places and moss.  The soil feels compacted.

Its a family garden, so I’m not after a bowling green, but I know with your help and guidance I can achieve a lush green lawn.

 Thanks in advance for your help.


  • foxwalesfoxwales Posts: 69
    Rake out thatch and moss.  Aerate by punching holes throughout the lawn.  Feed and water.  
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,942
    Hi @jeffers71 -It's been a common query this spring - even more than usual.  :)
    Just watering it will help, but if it's compacted, and not draining, you'll need to address that by aeration.
    It may never be perfect, but if you're not after Centre Court, as you say, it's not a big problem. You can use a weed and feed product, which will help, but don't do it unless the ground is properly damp. Then remove the moss once it's died back, with a rake.  Regular mowing, not cutting too short, will help get it going again, and it will be less likely to dry out too much if you're in a dry area. Kids etc playing on it means it's never going to be perfect, so I wouldn't get too worked up about it either. It can become a chore rather than being a useful, enjoyable space for your family  :)
    The bits near the fence will probably be getting the least water too, and any planting is competition for that water as well. It might be worth taking a strip of turf away along the fences too - you could put gravel or a concrete edge or something in, which creates a mowing edge too, and that will solve the problem of the very dry bits there. 
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • jeffers71jeffers71 Posts: 6
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    Hi All,

    I've raked out all the thatch, it’s now looking a lot thinner !!
    I’m going to Aerate it (should o brush some sharp sand in ?) Should I weed & feed it as well to kill of any moss left ? What about some over seeding ?

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