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Cordyline twenty years old thriving but with 'dry rot' trunk top third

I have large cordyline growing in clay soil some years ago two of the six top branches lost the leaves. I then cut all the branches of and it sprouted shorter new ones. The cordyline flowers every year and has a profuse healthy growth. however the top of the trunk has crumbling dry rot.the plant is sturdy I have allowed ivy to engulf the stem in case it dies then will have an ivy covered stump. Birds nesting in the crown I guess has not helped! I am inclined to leave well alone any advice appreciated :-)


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530
    It looks very healthy as far as I can see.  In my experience, these plants are indestructible.  I had one cut down when I moved in (can't stand them myself) but it kept sprouting.  I tried to dig it out, but the root goes down for ever.  I called back the man who felled it, and he hacked at the stump and root until it was about 12" below the soil surface.  I replaced the soil over it and planted, and still the b**** leaves come up.  So, I think you can safely cut off however much of yours is damaged;  I doubt it will even notice.
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