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Lawn growing strangely

Good morning everyone, 

Last June I had my lawn relaid. Strangely it is now being growing like this (pic attached), any idea how I can get it to grow consistent and thick throughout? There are a few littlepatches that have died off and I have tried to seed and topsoil them but not having much luck.

Any help would be appreciated 

thanks in advance 



  • I have a friends lawn that looks similar this year, well established lawn, decades old.  Not looked like what you have got in all that time before.  We decided that it's being caused by the prolonged spell of dry weather and the depth of soil / free drainage.   We worked out that where the lawn is dying back / stopped growing there are drains and soakaways etc. 

    So before you laid the lawn did you remove all / any rubble etc or did you leave it and covered it with topsoil.   My thoughts are that where you have patches that have died the underlying ground is far too free draining, poor soil or may have rubble beneath.  Where it is doing well and growing there is a greater amount of soil, healthy soil and therefore retaining moisture better.

    New Patio in image!   What happened to the waist you dug out before you laid the patio!?

    Is the house a new build, well less than 20yrs old.  Many developers / builders dump their waste in peoples gardens before covering with top soil..... Reducing the cost of disposing of waste and reducing the volume of topsoil they have to find or buy!

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    Hi thanks for your thoughts. House is actually 110 years old but we had the patio and lawn redone last summer. Was done by professionals so would hope that they did all relevant preparation before laying. Not really having much trouble with it just thought it looked odd. I keep the lawn well soaked and have stuck a pitch fork into the patches where it doesn’t grow as thick and the soil seems quite moist underneath. Thinking Perhaps the soil might be quite compacted as it pretty tough soil if I grab some in my hands out the flower beds. Thinking I might need to aerate the lawn better Perhaps? Any other suggestions?
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    Have you fed the lawn since you laid it?
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