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Wrinkled cherries !

Can anyone help me work out what may be wrong with my cherries please ?
There is quite a crop of them but the ones toward the top of the tree (it is only 6ft high) are changing colour but are wrinkled. Is this drought or drowning.??
Last year the tree was in a pot and we had 6 cherries, during the autumn /winter it was moved into a bed which gets the sun nearly all day and it seems happy there. As is visible in the photo ,the cherries lower down are more cherry shaped and plump !
It is a Prunus Avium Sylivia


  • It looks like drought. The fruit trees in our orchard are suffereing badly with lack of water.
  • Superrad49Superrad49 Posts: 33
    Many thanks.....perhaps a few cooler days wil help out....if today's gales leave any fruit on the tree to swell and ripen !
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 8,942
    Have you been watering it?  Even though it's now in the ground, it will need a couple of bucketfuls twice a week until the leaves fall.  It'll take it about 2-3 years before it will have grown enough new roots to supply its needs from rainfall/groundwater alone.
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