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Finally flowered.

ThedarkoneThedarkone Posts: 68
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My iochroma australe has finally flowered!
i am so happy. It is a new plant for me. At first the flowers dropped off when I had it indoors but now it’s outdoors it is doing better.
i also have another iochroma which is bigger but doesn’t have any flowers on it. Anyone know why or how to encourage the flowers to grow?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,135
    Lovely flowers - some info here
    The usual way to help flowering is to keep the roots a bit tight in the pot and use a tomato feed. But no idea if that's appropriate for your 'specialist' plants :)

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,433
    I know it as Acnistus australis but I know they have changed the name. I had three originally, one white and two blue, grown from Chiltern seeds.  They were outside in a sheltered part of the garden  and survived a few winters until the big freeze. Then a seedling appeared in a crack next to the house, and has been happily growing (white flowers)there since.  It is very protected but quite happy to be treated like a buddleia, cutting it down in Spring and then letting it grow. I notice is has thrown a few seedlings into a flower bed nearby, so if they survive, I may sacrifice the one against the house wall.   I never gave them any special treatment, not even feed.
  • ThedarkoneThedarkone Posts: 68
    Right. Thank you for your reply’s . I hope my other one produces flowers. I will have to wait and see.
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