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Non Flowering Jasmine

alanbeealanbee Posts: 30
We have a Star Jasmine plant about 2 years old in a 12" pot. Its never flowered. It normally has loads of good green leaves but recently although producing more leaves, some are dying off. We don't know why it doesn't flower when the branches and plant look healthy?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    Your plant needs to be grown in a much larger container than the one in the photo. Think about growing them in the ground if you have suitable space. The roots cannot sustain the amount of growth above. It's really struggling at the moment.

    If you need to grow them in a container, use a loam based compost like John Innes No 2 or 3 with added grit to help with drainage. 
  • alanbeealanbee Posts: 30
    OK thanks, I'll plant it in the garden. Time to start digging!
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