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Why isn't my clematis growing/flowering this year?

anniedtanniedt Posts: 48
I have had Clematis Lunar Lass for about four years now.  It was staked in a pot when I bought it.  I removed the stake and planted it next to a trellis against a wall in the sunniest spot in the garden.  It didn't grow very much so after a couple of years I re-planted it in a large square container in sun/semi-shade with something to climb up.  It had a few flowers last year but little growth.  This year, no flowers and little growth yet the label says when fully grown it should reach 3 metres.  What am I doing wrong?


  • BijdezeeBijdezee Bruges, BelgiumPosts: 997
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    Clematis are better in the ground. They only perform OK in a container for a couple of years. Can you plant it into the ground? Or is this not possible?

    I don't know this variety so I looked it up, interestingly it is described as 'trailing' or scrambling. Not really suitable for how you are growing it.

    It's also not very hardy being only H2
    Doesn't like frosts etc, very different from most clematis. 
  • anniedtanniedt Posts: 48
    Thank you for that.  I had a clematis Montana in a similar pot for years but it did slowly lose vigour.  My garden is a small courtyard one with a raised bed that I have planned and planted, so I will have to have a good think about where I might be able to plant it. Thank you for the link.  I note it could scramble over other shrubs so that's an idea.  I also note the ultimate height is 0.5 - 1 metre so the label was well off the pace!
  • BijdezeeBijdezee Bruges, BelgiumPosts: 997
    Never trust the labels lol, they are a bit hit and miss. Hope you find somewhere suitable for it. 
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 30,028
    Use this site @anniedt - lots of useful info

    Check out the specialist sites too - Taylor's Clematis, Thorncroft and Hawthorne's. There's excellent info on all of them   :)
    If you've kept moving it, that won't have helped it establish either. They need a few years to settle in anyway. The little evergreen ones tend to be less hardy too. Labels are often wrong - or plants can be mis labelled  ;)
    Your montana will have eventually suffered from being potted. The need to be in the ground, unless you're really vigilant, and have an adequate container - purpose built usually.  :)
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  • anniedtanniedt Posts: 48
    Thank you for the link and the information.  I was pleased to hear the clematis grower on the Chelsea Flower Show programme this week say that there are clematis specially grown for pots. :-)
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