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Challenge! Identify summer bulb shoot?

Hello All, 
Wondering if any of you lovely experts can help??
I planted these back in January as part of a white garden border summer bulb set, but I was quite haphazard with labelling and tracking things properly (as a total beginner) and now have no idea what on earth these will come to be! The largest one is Festalis hymenocallis I believe, and i have a hunch that another may be ornithogalum thyrsoides, but there is third one that I really can't recall! Any suggestions welcome at all...  :)


  • FYI - just a footnote - turn out to be a freesia :)
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,854
    5 looks like Ismene
  • Yes indeed you're right! One is ismene (it's a big shoot), one was ornithogalum, and the last one that I really was confused about turned out today to be a freesia :). Sorry, too many pictures...
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