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Pumpkin leaf issue

aoutredaoutred Posts: 8
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Hello all,

this is is my first ever season of growing anything other than a sunflower or lettuce and so would really appreciate your knowledge on this leaf issue. My pumpkin is in my house at the moment as we had a frosty spell so not ready to put outside just yet. Anyone know what’s the issue here and how’s to rectify it? Thank you for any help. All the knowledge you pass on to me will help in my future endeavours :) 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    That looks like 'interveinal chlorosis' and indicates a nutrient deficiency, most likely Iron or Magnesium but could be lack of a rare trace element.  The compost may now be exhausted so it will almost certainly rectify itself when planted out into fertile soil.
    You could try applying a foliar spray of diluted liquid seaweed until then, which contains lots of nutrients & trace elements without overdosing plants with those considered as food (nitrogen, phosprous and potassium.)
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