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Wilting French Lavender


I recently planted some French Lavender and have noticed that they have started to wilt. At first I thought it was because I was overwatering them (according to a forum I stumbled across) so I have cut back on the water but so far no difference, if anything they're even more droopy! Any ideas what could be the cause?

I planted some English Lavender nearby and around the same time and they're doing marvelously, so not sure what I'm doing wrong.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,353
    Your ground doesn't look very well prepped- lots of weeds etc. 
    If the ground's heavy, that won't help either I'm afraid, as the French stuff can be a little more pernickerty. It isn't as tough as the English types, although they do better than people think, once established. They like sun and free draining soil generally. 
    It may also have been cossetted and kept protected from the elements, until you planted it. That could have had an effect, especially as many areas experienced a few low temps recently. If the roots weren't teased out on planting, that may also have had an influence. 
    All plants, regardless of their preferences, need proper watering on planting. I wouldn't worry about it for now though. It should perk up, but i'd address all those weeds round it. 
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