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  • AmphibiosAmphibios Posts: 158
    edited May 2020
    @JennyJ your borders look ravishing. I’m sure it’s given @owd potter hope for his dismal soil. 
    @owd potter good going on getting that border squared up. I’m sure it will look lovely planted up. 
  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 968
    thanks @Amphibios
    @JennyJ thanks for the plant list that you added earlier, some good suggestions there
    Just another day at the plant...
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,957
    @owd potter,  I would get rid of the non-flowering crocosmia and put your bearded irises there instead. Possibly a small azalea under the rhodo in the shady bit and if you want an easy growing evergreen shrub, have a look at Osmanthus heterophyllus 'aureomarginata', which looks a bit like a holly, slow growing and easy to prune.
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • owd potterowd potter Posts: 968
    thanks @Lizzie27
    it is quite shady toward the bottom section which maybe why the Crocosmia has failed to flower as it seems to do well elsewhere in the garden?
    Would this also be a problem with Irises as I believe they like to bake in full sun.
    I have a small (but perfectly formed) Camellia in the corner between the Forsythia and the Rhodi, it loves the shady spot.
    Thanks for the suggestion, I will take a look. 
    Just another day at the plant...
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