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Poorly Holly Plant!

Hi folks, could you help me diagnose the apparent illness affecting my Holly plant? I thought at first that he was showing signs of vine weevil attack, but now he is suffering significant loss of foliage, despite signs of healthy new growth coming through, there are now ominous spots visible on some of the leaves.

Ive moved him away from the general garden population, and would be delighted if anyone could advise on any treatment.....or confirmation of his demise...🥺

Either way, many thanks in advance 😊


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,144
    Hello Paul, 
    I can see why you suspected vine weevil ! It's possibly some type of blight?
  • Paul1400Paul1400 Posts: 3
    Hi AnniD,

    Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, I think there has definately been some Vine Weevil activity given that he is in the container, but its difficult trying to identify what type of blight it may be, and thus if there is any treatment i could apply......or is he a goner?!

    I'll try and eradicate the Weevils, and see if there is a "general" treatment I could use for the blight.

    Thanks again  :)

  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,144
    No problem,  hope you find a solution  :)
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