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Hydrangea help

JudeFJudeF Posts: 4

I wondered if anyone can help with what size pot I need? We are about to move house & I am taking a hydrangea with me which will need to stay in a pot for at least the immediate future/possibly forever.

I haven't dug it up yet as I want to disturb the roots as little as possible but the plant measures approx 70cm high/70cm deep/50cm wide if that helps at all?

Thanks in advance. 


  • FlyDragonFlyDragon Posts: 834
    It’s my understanding that it’s not really the done thing to dig up plants when moving.  If they are already in pots you take them, but anything in the ground should really be included in the sale. 

    The rule of thumb is that if you picked up the house/plot, and turned it upside down, then anything that falls out gets taken, if it doesn’t it should stay!

    Unless it’s a rented house and you planted the hydrangea yourself, then it’s definitely yours!
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,782
    As big a pot as you can manage is the answer, but I agree with @FlyDragon.

    Just check first, but, unless the laws are different from here,  you can also state in the terms of sale that you're taking a plant, if you own the house. That way, there's no confusion  :)
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  • JudeFJudeF Posts: 4
    @FlyDragon thank you for your response, this is certainly true of the rest of the garden, however we made it very clear to our buyers that the Hydrangea would be coming with us as it has sentimental value and had no objections. The rest of the plants in the ground are staying. 
  • FlyDragonFlyDragon Posts: 834
    Ah fair enough then!  I don’t think I can ever sell this house because I couldn’t bear to leave my plants!

    I agree with fairygirl, the biggest you can possibly manage to move!
  • JudeFJudeF Posts: 4
    @Fairygirl we crossed posted but thank you for the advise. 

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,782
    Just be aware that if you're lifting it soon, it's not the best time, so get as much root as you can, and be prepared to cut it back, even if it means losing flowers next year etc.
    That will help with keeping it hydrated. It's hard to do that when they're in pots, and it sounds like quite a decent size just now. If you can do as near to your move, that's always better too  :)
    I must be very hard - I don't really care about taking plants with me when I move! I see it as a new challenge each time. Perhaps because I moved about 5 times in three or four years  :)
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • amancalledgeorgeamancalledgeorge Posts: 2,659
    Another option would be to take some cuttings as an insurance
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  • Jenny-RJenny-R Posts: 43
    @judithkeating have you tried taking a few cuttings as insurance? I’ve always found hydrangea cuttings root quite easily. 
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,855
    When I moved from my last house I brought over 150 plants with me. Agreed with buyer beforehand.
     She was thrilled as planned to dig up most of the garden plant veg. 
    Both parties were happy.
  • SafflowerSafflower Posts: 66
    My hydrangea has always been in a pot. It is about 3-4 years old and still flourishing. It's in a pot that is 30cm wide and 30cm deep:

    This was back in 2018. Hope it looks as good this year!

    Good luck!
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