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Lavender Sage

Hello everyone, firstly thank you for letting me join you all. I didn't even know this resource existed until now. Last night on Gardeners World, Monty was talking about planting Lavender Sage. Can anyone tell me please where i can buy the seeds or even a plant ?. I have tried all the usual suspects, Thompson and Morgan, Kings Seeds, Groseeds, Suttons. Many thanks


  • SlipperyElmSlipperyElm Posts: 353
    Salvia lavandulifolia (  lavender sage ) seeds are available from 'Chiltern's Seeds' and several other outlets, pipersontour2. 

    Plants are also available from many reliable sellers....Beth Chatto, Jekka's Herbs, Norfolk Herbs, and lots more.
    Hope you can acquire some 😀
  • Thank you so much Slippery Elm. Off to get the credit card out !
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