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What to use for edging?

This is not a great picture with the shadows. However we've dug a 50 cm trench on our drive for a new border. I need something to edge the border. I don't necessarily need it be say more than 5 cm above the gravel line - I'm just wanting to make sure that everything stays in place and looked presentable. Treated timber or everedge were my options.

 Latter probably more than I would want to spend and wondering if it needs more established and compacted soil to dig the spikes into rather than soil/hardcore and rocks.

Many thanks 


  • micearguersmicearguers Posts: 614
    Hi, everedge could potentially be tricky to sink in if there is a lot of hardcore and rocks in the soil. I'm on clay, I just opened the soil with a spade where I needed the everedge to go. Normally you'd just push the spikes in, and part of the edging band itself. If there is a lot of rubble you could dig out the space where the spikes go. There's always a way. It certainly looks very nice (I have the rusty korten version).
    Of note though, i would recommend that at least one side of the everedge is flush with the soil or gravel. It is quite a thin band of steel, it it stands clear of its surroundings on both sides then people could hurt themselves.

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