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Transplanting Wild Garlic - Am I too late? Any tips?

January ManJanuary Man Posts: 212
Hi all 

There's tonnes of wild garlic growing locally and I want to transplant some to my garden.  I have very similar sites in my garden to where it is now (stream side, shaded).  I have landowner's permission.  

What I wondered if whether I'm too late and this is a bad time to transplant?  If so, when would be a good time?  

Also, does anyone have any tips on how best to transplant?  

Many thanks


  • I wouldnt transplant it!it takes over.i had some in my garden but have put it in a pot.and it needs a lot of watering.not too late but be very careful!
  • January ManJanuary Man Posts: 212
    Thanks for the warnings!  I have a very long garden at around 450 metres.  I'd be looking to plant it at the far end, so quite some distance from where the house is and where we grow anything.  It's very much the wild end of the garden :)  

    How did you transplant yours?  Simply dig it up, dig a hole, and put it in?  

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