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Direct sow or not

jaffacakesjaffacakes Posts: 434
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Hi all, so I finally received some seeds from Sarah raven after over a month of waiting  :D Some cosmos, calendula, sunflower, salvia viridis, and echium blue bedder. Thankfully I have other seedlings already in pots ready to go out next week when hopefully frosts are over.

I'd love to try some of these new seeds though. I guess there is no point sowing in trays now. Would it be better to direct sow or will I just leave it and keep for next year?


  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190
    Monty sows cosmos at the start of June, they’re up in a couple of days and you’ll have flowers through to October/November if the weather’s fine.
    calendulas and blue bedder, may not flower this year but you can plant them out and they’ll flower next year. 
    That salvia, I think is too late, save and sow next March. 
    Don't know about sun flowers I think maybe too late.
    I don’t sow any direct, I never see them again, slugs probably have them, it’s difficult to keep up with the watering. 

    Once the calendula flower you can leave them to drop seeds, they can grow at their own pace for the following year. 

    Talking of that Salvia, there’s a garden to visit near to me that had a fantastic display a few year ago.
    Was going to put photos on but not enough internet, will try tomorrow.  
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • jaffacakesjaffacakes Posts: 434
    Thanks Lyn. That's beautiful. I grown the blue variety before but forgot to order seeds before the lockdown. Maybe will try a few even though it's late.

    I'm going to sow lots more cosmos but think I will keep most of the others for next year but will sow some of the Hardy annuals in autumn. Have calendula Indian prince which looks beautiful with blue salvia from previous years.
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