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Peas, dwarf beans, netting and pollinators

Should netting used for peas/mangetout and dwarf beans allow access to pollinators or do they self-pollinate? I have some very fine mesh to use on some leeks and for convenience was going to use the same mesh on adjacent peas & dwarf beans but should I be using netting that will allow access to eg bees for my peas & beans but stop pigeons!? Thank you.


  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,228
    I dont usually net beans, at least not after they are about 15 to 30cm tall, I only find pigeons go after new young growth. As I dont grow peas🤢 I'm sure someone will help, but you do need netting big enough for pollinators to have access. 😃
  • I also have runner beans which I won't net but as the dwarf beans stay small I thought they might need some protection. Think I'd better let the pollinators in to the peas/beans, I was trying to keep it simple but better be safe than sorry! Thanks
  • Hi, looking at the WWW peas and beans and tomatoes are all capable of self pollinating. thanks
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