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I  have recently purchased some Buxus in pots for my garden but noticed they do not seem so healthy and have some white spots and a cobweb on them. (see image). I am not sure if it is Spider mite. I've tried hosing them down and shaking them of the leaves but they re-appeared. I'm new to gardening and would appreciate some advice on what it is and how to treat it. Thank you


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    I'm afraid I cannot see the photos clearly. Have you tried using a cotton bud to see if they shift if you brush them off? Just trying to work out what is the issue. Unfortunately for many people now growing or buying Buxus shrubs in the south, they are affected by a number of pests and diseases resulting in poor growth and sometimes death. If possible please photograph closer so others can see.

    Aphid attacks are common in late spring when most plants tend to grow fast. Could be that. You could try setting your spray bottle on jet setting to see if you can knock them off.
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    Thank you please see a closer up photos.

    If I knock the leaves they fall of quite easily, which I did the other day  combined with the hose pipe with pressure, but they came back a day or two later. The little white balls are present on the soil of the pot too and there are quite a few webs stretching from leaves. Some of the leaves are going brown at the ends on a couple of the plants (others are still quite greenbut we did have some hot weather
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    Thank you for the photos. With all that webbing and those small balls, I suspect you have a possible spider-mite infestation. Stick with spraying into the bush set with a jet setting or hose down on a dull day. Need to do this a few more times to knock them off. Keep an eye on undersides of leaves and the stems which is where they are likely to hide. Scrape away the top layer of soil and re-lay new mulch on top. Warm weather and dry conditions can bring on these pests, so be sure to keep your shrubs well watered to keep them at bay.
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    Thank you very much for your help.  I will do that.
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