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Mexican orange

Can anyone tell me, why my plants one branch died suddenly? I moved recently to this house and don’t know anything about this plant, but I’m sad to see it like that.


  • BijdezeeBijdezee Posts: 1,484
    The one in the first picture looks very sick. I'm wondering what the white marks are but I think it's done for. I would take it out and don't put it on the compost heap or bin. It looks diseased. 

    The second needs all dying or damaged parts removed and maybe a feed with liquid seaweed to help its resistance to whatever going on there. 

    I hope someone can help with more spcefic advice on what that disease might be and how to combat it. 

  • yurgitayurgita Posts: 2
    It’s very dry when I cut it, so don’t think it’s sclerotinia..
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    edited May 2020
    Choisyas are usually tough plants with very few pests and diseases. They do need water especially if it’s densely planted or right up against walls or fences.

    Your Choisya shrub has died back and it could be a lack of water, restricted root space resulting in rotted roots which you would not have noticed until the die-back showed above ground. 

    They are also prone to cold damage causing small die-backs every now and then. I would prune it right back down to base for the bare looking branch and wait to see if new branches form.
  • PoppypussPoppypuss Posts: 142
    I agree with Borderline that these shrubs can suffer dieback, it looks like the same as one of mine following impact damage. Do you have wild children, dogs or flying balls in the area?😀Other than the dried out branches it looks healthy and flowering well so I’d cut off the dead bits and leave it to recover. 
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