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Winter Planter Planning

AmphibiosAmphibios Posts: 158
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I have a couple of questions about a winter planter I’m planning: 

I have been steadily been breaking up a concrete path in my garden and I am using the resulting rubble in gabion planters. 
I want to make a winter planter that is close to the back of my house against my neighbours extension. 

My questions are: 

1) would it cause damage to their wall if the gabion is flush against the wall like in the picture? There are 2 ‘cages’ and the outer wall will contain bits of concrete. I will line the inner ‘cage’ with landscaping fabric and thick plastic liner. There is a bit of an over hang but not much with their roof and the water usually runs down the wall (wall is wet in wet weather): 

2) finished, the planting size will be 160x70x50cm(depth). I would like to plant an akiba Quinata on the right and a hamamelis on the left.
 The wall is west facing and gets sun 14:00 onwards but the akiba will get less because my kitchen is in the way. Will the planter be large enough for both plants? Should I leave the witch hazel alone or fan train against the wall to control the size? 

3) Any chance of planting hellebores in there too eventually? 

4) The ericaceous loving aspect of hamamelis - it says akiba doesn’t mind ph but I’m not going to be able to fill the planter with ericaceous compost. When I water it would it be ok to use the fertiliser used on grass to get rid of moss (ferrous sulphate). 

Thank you in advance Ax 
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