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Issue with my Formosan Peiris wilting and leaves turning yellow

Hi all, my 1st post on here since moving to my new house with a huge garden. I need some help as i purchased some new plants that have been in teh ground since about 24th April but the ive woke up today and the Formosan Peris is wilting and the leaves are now turning yellow any help much appreciated.
Lee Dibley


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    It’s quite a large specimen. Provided you have prepared the planting hole and surrounding soil well it’s most likely a water issue. Leaves droop like that on newly planted shrubs if they are short of water or roots not making contact with the surrounding soil.

    Give it 2-3 bucketful of water directly into the base in the evening or early morning to get the best from the watering & continue to water like that every 3-4 days throughout the summer. Hopefully it recovers soon. 
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    @Borderline thank you so much for replying. I’ve just watered him so fingers crossed. 
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    The yellow colour is quite normal, the droopiness is not. Agree with @Borderline
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    🥳 He’s coming back already thank you so much 🙌🏽
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