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Red Robin Hedge

Ivy2Ivy2 Posts: 73
Trying to cover the space at the back of this garden from the trampoline and then up to the acer on the left side of picture so about 6 or 7 meters along (see pics) want it have height up to neighbours fence so about 4 meters minimum. Was thinking of getting three red robins to cover this ares (maybe 4). It is partially sunny but obviously in the section behind the shrubs it is very shaded at the bottom (only when they rise above the other shrubs will they get sun). I believe I would have to plant them 30 cms away from the wall.

Are there any flaws in this plan? Would love it to form a hedge eventually - I don't need to pleach them or anything do I? I am a fairly novice gardener and looking for low maintenance shrubs. Would pruning them and letting them spread work over time? It wouldn't get unruly would it - don't want it to interfere with neighbours fence - I can get on the back wall and prune fairly easily but I want the height to cover the mishmash of ugly fences and I love the red robing colours.



  • Ivy2Ivy2 Posts: 73
    maybe 4 or 5 of these would do the trick - would these grow much bigger - the wall is about 2 metres high so want the stilt to remain about 2 metres and then the head to be another 2 or 3 metres..

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Growing 30cm from the wall will be too close for Photinias. They also need a fair bit of sun to thrive. If not they grow sparse. 

    Also beware of getting shrubs too large as they struggle to sometimes adapt to the new surroundings. Always best to buy shrubs that are a foot tall to let them slowly adapt. 
  • Ivy2Ivy2 Posts: 73
    Thanks, could do 60 cm from wall....hmmm, i suppose if they are a foot high they are not getting much sun behind those shrubs until they grow above them. Can you get 3/4 standard or standard ones that are smaller with a view to having them grow - i prefer them to be 'on stilts' but can only find them in larger sizes.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    All standard type plants will need to be mature because they are just pruning back the base to create a tree-like shape. If you can find the smallest available ones, which I think will be a meter tall, you can try and keep them well watered. They will need care with deep watering every 3 days in summer. Deep generous waterings for the first few years until they establish. The shrubs are also sensitive to windy and cold spaces, so bear that in mind too. 
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