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ferniegairfrancoferniegairfranco Posts: 19
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Had to move this euphorbia. When I dug it out I tried to keep a large rootball and moved it into a deep hole, compost and watered well. Looks a bit bedraggled now which I guess is to be expected but am worried will deteriorate.  Do you think the plant will get back to its former glory?Anything I can do to safeguard?


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420
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    I think I take off  flowering stems back to the ground , the plant can't support that much greenery at the moment. And the flowering stems on quite a few euphorbia should be pruned back to the ground anyway after flowering . 
  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087
    Cut in right back to the ground and water it regularly until you start to see new growth.
    Euphorbias aren’t great “movers” in my book and always seem to struggle 
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,400
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    Remove everything but the short shoots at the base, make a moat around it and give it two bucketfuls of water a day, so it is basically sitting in saturated soil. Like a flower in a vase! That might buy enough time for its roots to begin establishing, and it's what I did successfully with my mum's euphorbia that I moved at the wrong time of year and with basically no system (just a sad little tap root).
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