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Wisteria advice

jamesharcourtjamesharcourt Posts: 465
Hi, we have a pretty mature wisteria - I think it must be 15-20 years old at least.  It flowers well with most of the growth in one area. 

However, there is one mature stem which I've traced and it veers into a nearby 20' tall Bay Laurel tree and whilst 95% of the blooms are in one area, the other 5% are randomly popping out of the top, sporadically, of the Bay Laurel and my concern is that energy is being put into a branch that is basically 10'-15' away from the main framework.

I was going to remove that stem from the origin near the base during the Winter just gone - but decided against it for no real reason. 

However, now I can see it growing it looks wrong and more importantly, it doesn't look strong.   I guess removing it would account for 10% of the overall plant at most, definitely less than 10% of the foliage and flowers since most of it is just woody whips inside the bay hidden from sunlight. 

My question is this:  is it really worth waiting until next Winter to remove this, or better to remove now and promote extra energy and growth into the remaining framework during this growing season?
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