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Cosmos Quantity

Hello, I'd like some advice with growing Cosmos please. I love cosmos and have grown it containers for the last 2 years. I just haven't a clue how many plants I should grow in a container? I know this will vary depending on the size of the top but any advice would be appreciated. I have 60 plants, in various colours and they're large plugs.

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  • I forgot to mention, last year they were all stems and not many flowers. 
  • Pot, not top! 
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
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    How many did you plant in the pots last year? Did they then look overful or sparse, did they flower well or not?
    How big are your pots, how many do you have, do you have enough compost to fill them?
    Are your plants the tall or shorter variety?

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