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Planting peas out

Some advice if you would please. I have my peas (Kelvedon Wonder and sugar snap Norli) sown in lengths of guttering as usual. They’re all about 3 or 4 inches high now and I want to transfer them to the plot. I’m just wondering whether or not to wait till after this weekend as we have cold weather and a possible frost forecast here in Mid Wales. What do people think?


  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 328
    Peas are hardy mine have been growing outside for over a month and are 12" high,if you dig a trench about the depth of your guttering and slide them in you should be alright and water them well.I would be more worried if you have any early potatoes up and like me have strawberries in flower,I shall be putting fleece over them than the peas.
  • Thank you Peter. That's the way I normally plant them (thanks to the great, late lamented Geoff Hamilton). I'm going to plant them out as although we have some colder weather forecast, we will have cloud cover overnight, so no frost.

    My potatoes are snug and secure in tyre towers so no worries there.
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