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A few of my sweetpea seedlings are changing light green

I recently some sweetpea seedlings from Sarah Raven and planted them using some of our soil, horse manure and water (made a bit of a puddle). We have alkaline soil and it can be stone-y before I put them in the ground I sieved a lot of the stones out but we have a never ending show of them surfacing. 

I have tried to google what is causing some of my sweetpeas to turn this lighter green with almost yellow veins and there are so many options I’m not sure which is correct. I water them once or twice a day and they are in full sun 80% of the day. Please can anyone help? 


  • AstroAstro Posts: 431
    Perhaps the new environment of full sun and some night cold is impacting them. It might be beneficial to surround them with some fine netting until they adjust.
    Check you are not over watering too, it might look parched on the surface but stick a finger into soil and if it isn't dry ease off a touch.

     It's often difficult to judge if plants need more or less. 
  • AstroAstro Posts: 431
    To add they look pretty decent and I reckon they will come good in a short while.
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