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Yellow veining on raspberries

I am seeing yellow veining on the raspberries.

I recently applied some vitax q4 fertilizer to the same bed.

So I am unsure what course of action to take?

I have 3 types of raspberries in the row and it is only affecting one/two types but definitely not all of them.


  • daniel123daniel123 Posts: 67
    My best guess is a magnesium deficiency  can somebody confirm?
  • daniel123daniel123 Posts: 67
  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    edited May 2020
    probably, my fallgold did the same this year so I dug it up (mainly because it was looking ugly) and moved it (shadier spot too). That has since sorted out the problem and leaves are lush and green again. Sry I can't help more
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