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Grow Bags for Strawberries?

Jan H11Jan H11 Posts: 47
Hi All,  I'm getting itchy fingers wanting to get out in the sunshine and do some gardening!  Are we all looking forward to the long weekend when we can all get stuck in! Anyway, my question is, my daughter kindly has given me 3 small strawberry plants in pots about 3 inches across.  I haven't got much spare garden space in soil beds, however I have a brand new flat grow bag which I wondered if I could use for these plants?  I have tried looking this up online so as to not bother you good folk....but all I can see is info on growing them either in the ground or in deep cylindrical upright containers/bags! Any advice would be welcome. Thank you. :#


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384
    Yes, they'll grow ok in grow bags, but always much happier in the ground.  If you can turn the bag on its side and prop it up that way, they may be happier as they have long roots (plus the fruit will be further from the ground so you may get less slug/snail damage!)
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  • Jan H11Jan H11 Posts: 47
    Hi Bob, oh wow what a great idea! Yes, I'll do that! My brain has gone to fudge lately, so at least someone is switched on!! Thank you.;)
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,478
    @JanH11 The commercial growers grow them on trestles in growbags for easy picking.  The one I know slits the bag down the middle lengthways and then three times across, thus providing space for six plants per bag.  Strawberries only use some of the bag's nutrients, of course, but, if you carefully turn the bag over (slit side down) and ease the plastic off, you'll get a great crop of onions by simply pushing sets into the compost.  By the time you gather your onions, weeds won't have broken through so you have no weeding problem either.
  • Jan H11Jan H11 Posts: 47
    Blimey! Thanks for the advice and I’ll crack on with them tomorrow!! Onions eh?! Even more excitement! I’m looking forward to trying that out! Thank you so much 😊 
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