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Peony help

LG_LG_ Posts: 4,119
I need to find a peony. I don't have a photo except in my mind's eye but you will all have seen it. I'm hoping some if you may even have it.

It's what was just called 'a peony' when I was a kid - there was one in every suburban front garden, and I don't remember there being any other kind. I'm sure for plantspeople there were plenty, but for most, this was the definition of peony. Deep, deep pink flowers, double-ish, with fat buds. Recognise it?

I moved one from my childhood garden when we sold the house, but the squirrels dug it up and chewed it and it didn't survive their repeated mailings. I now need to buy one for my sister, but it has to be the one. What's it called? 

Rubra plena is the closest I can find online, but I'm not completely sure. Does anyone know what I'm banging on about, and can you help? If you think you have it in your garden, could you take a photo or two? Especially of a bud with the colour starting to show. 
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