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Trimming hedges

TomW79TomW79 Posts: 12
Hi, I have a hedge down one side of our garden, its a mix of hawthorn, with some Elder, and Red Maple mixed in.  My question is how often can/should I trim it?  PS Im am completely new to gardening,  have just bought a house with a garden but am loving the garden and am really getting in to it!!! 


  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286
    If someone says there is a 'rule' with hawthorn, well there isn't.

    Really the most flexible hedging I know.

    You could cut it two or three times a year and have a very formal hedge. Just cut whenever you think it is looking untidy.

    You could cut it on a two year rotation to maximise berries for wildlife and have a more natural 'wild' look to it. So that is a single cut of one side or the top every other year. (I usually do it February for a wildlife hedge)

    Really it just depends on your taste and the effect you are looking for. 

    Just a small caveat that it is loved by nesting birds, so worth watching to see if there are birds going in and out of the hedge regularly at this time of year before cutting.
  • TomW79TomW79 Posts: 12

    Thanks,  we don't have a huge garden so I don't want it too wild,  so I gues I will end up trimming it a few time a year. 

    What about the Alder and Maple?  do I treat it the same as the hawthorn.

  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286
    Alder should be trimmed late Autumn, Maple I have no experience of.
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