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Is it as dead as i think it is?

Morning All

Hoping someone can offer up some sage advice. I planted a hydrangea in the garden last year and it seemed to settle in quite well. Winter came leaves fell off and i removed the dead heads. Fast forward to slightly warmer times and leaves started appearing...all good so far. Then the odd thing - the leaves started disappearing, this was traced to my imbecile dog eating them for reasons only known to the dog!. Now the dog is absolutely fine but what I'm now left with is effectively a bunch of twigs sticking out of the ground. Now common sense would probably dictate that the plant has gone to meet its maker but not being one of life's natural gardeners (i do the hard landscaping bit - decking, hole digging etc) I thought id ask before reaching for the spade.



  • Thought it might help if I add a pic 

  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    If you scratch  one of the stems and it's green it's alive, brown and its dead.
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