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Identity of clematis please

Hi, I've lost the label for one of my clematis, and would like to know if anyone can identify it please. Large flowers now, though it was pruned down early in the year, so the old saying if it flowers before June don't prune dosent work here .
It's flowering on new wood. Has attractive seed heads.
Thank you


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,459
    @Richard Hodson might be able to advise if he looks in  :)
  • @Richard Hodson could you advise on the identity of my Clematis please? After doing lots of research and studying Clematis Nursery sites I did wonder if it may be Dawn? If so I'm sure that's not what it was labeled when I bought it, but the label has faded away anyway! I've also probably been pruning it incorrectly? 
    Thank you. And thank you AnniD 
  • mikeymustardmikeymustard Posts: 495
    Is it Dawn?
  • It could be , thank you. 
  • mikeymustardmikeymustard Posts: 495
    Our posts must've crossed! It certainly looks a lot like the pics on tinternet!
    If it is Dawn, it's claimed to very reliably flower twice a year. This year's been exceptional for all sorts of reasons, but normally you wouldn't need to prune apart from a tidy, unless you wanted to. Lots of people treat group 2 plants like they were group 3 with no ill effects: you haven't even lost the first flowering (though as I said, this has been an exceptional year  ;) )
  • Thank you, yes I'd forgotten I'd posted on here to be honest. And gave done more research since. Your comment helps though, think it must be Dawn, thank you  Only thing is I'm not sure mine flowers again, later in the year, but perhaps that's because I prune it incorrectly? I shall take special note this year, and there is no chance we'll be in holiday and miss it either! Only thing is we live in a bungalow and it's on a trellis growing up the house side, I think I'll have to keep cutting it back in early spring to keep it within bounds. As it is it usually ends up getting into the gutters!
  • This is my picture of Dawn, taken in 2008, looks very, very, similar.
  • Thank you Richard Hodson, I shall consider my question answered and label it "Dawn" And write it in my garden diary for extra security 
    Thank you to everyone who read and answered.
    I shall also review my pruning of it also. 
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