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Bulb baskets / trays

Rob LockwoodRob Lockwood Posts: 311
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Not an ad, but I'm talking about this kind of thing:

I inherited a large number of daff & tulip bulbs and whilst I've enjoyed the show this spring, it seems a waste to do nothing with the beds they're in for the rest of the year. 
Are these baskets the solution?  The appeal seems to be the simplicity of digging out a single basket after flowering to allow the foliage to die back naturally and I suppose they would impose a little discipline on bulb depth on re-planting. 
There are other solutions though - would it be easier to do a few bulb lasagnes in normal pots and perhaps bury these pots in the bed in autumn to help them survive the winter (then whip the pots out once flowering is done next spring)? What do you do?!


  • K67K67 Leicestershire Posts: 2,507
    Neither. Can't be doing with planting, digging up an replanting again so have daffodils which I leave in situ and tulips planted deeply which are termed as perennial. My garden isn't big but the dying foilage soon gets covered by the other plants. 
  • Rob LockwoodRob Lockwood Posts: 311
    Thanks K67 - I can't leave these in situ, so if anyone else has a view, all donations gratefully received!
  • Bee witchedBee witched Scottish BordersPosts: 875
    Hi @Rob Lockwood,

    I've used some of these for tulips ..

    As they are dying down I pop in some lilies and alliums ... also in the same shaped baskets. 

    Bee x

    Bees must gather nectar from two million flowers to make one pound of honey   
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