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Can you help with my poorly squash plant?

Dear All,

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong with my squash?

I've planted 2 x varieties, Uchiki Kuri & Little Gem to ramble over a trellis.

Just before planting out I noticed one had developed splotches of 'see through' leaf.

Since planting them out those splotches grew and the leaf died. It's now spread to other leaves on the plant (Uchiki Kuri) and then to the Little Gem planted next to it. 

I wondered if it could be a fungus like downy mildew so have been spraying them with a watered down milk spray (one solution google suggested!) It  hasn't seemed to make a difference yet, but I'm not sure I'm diagnosing them with the right problem! My courgette plants got powdery mildew last year but this doesn't look like that. 

They were planted out 2 weekends ago in East Sussex, it was a bit wet for a week but mostly warm.

Many thanks for your help!! 


Pic 1 - shows early stage of 'blotching'

Pic 2 - the spread to both plants


  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 328
    You are plenty early enough planting those out especially with them talking about frosts this weekend,unless you live in France.I have grown mine in the greenhouse I wont pant mine out till at least the end of May.Regarding the white blotches my first thoughts were that it could be white fly but having seen your second photo I am wondering if it could bleaching from the sun especially if they are in a sun trap,have you watered them when the sun is in that area because it can scorch the leaves,I don't know if that helps in anyway. Regards Peter
  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286
    Peter pretty much said what I thought, I think they sat wet at some point. Most people put them out end of May. Mine are still in pots and only outside for a while each day, even then I have to watch them, had a couple of leaves curl up due to breeze today.
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