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Does my cactus have rot? and could it be saved?

I recently noticed when I was repotting it that one of my cactus had some discolouration around the lower half. The previous pot it was in was too small, making it difficult to water without getting the plant wet from above. I will admit that a few times I poured water directly onto the cactus' body. I thought the discolouration could be from that, or from scorching after leaving wet in the sun. 
But now I am starting to worry that it has root rot. I don't think that the brown areas are spreading, but I can't quite be sure. They are not mushy but the texture is slightly different.
I had been watering more frequently as well because of the slight heatwave, just a little bit once or twice a week.
Does anyone know whether my cactus is rotting and what I should do?


    I can’t comment on root rot but personally I’d stop watering for a couple of weeks.  If it is storing excess water at the base, it needs to be ‘used up’ and dried out a bit.

    i have a similar cactus on my south facing kitchen window sill and I give it a good watering every 2-3 weeks.  From next month until end Aug I’ll water it once a week.  No idea if this is the recommended way but it works for me !
  • Thank you! I will take all that on board and let it dry out for a little while. Much less worried about it now.
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