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Planting a new Common Laurel Hedge - help!

Hi all. After some guidance on how to plant a new common laurel hedge.
I have bought 92 new laurel hedge plants (in 2litre pots about 30cm tall).
I have a long gap between my garden and a field of approx 46m. I want a good thick hedge for look and as a windbreak, especially at the bottom as there is a bank on the other side into the field. A few people have said to plant the plants with a gap of 18inches apart (2 plants per meter).
Its a new build house in the country, the lawn isn’t sown out yet so all I need to do is plant straight into the soil. The plants cost £250 so I want to make sure I plant them correctly!
Few questions: sorry for all the questions but I’ve never done this before !!

1. Is planting 18 inches apart ok to get a good thick hedge from the ground up? That’s 2plants per meter.
2. Fertilizer - do I need to put some fertilizer into the hole I dig for each plant? Just to give them a head start. I see a few forums mention fertilizer in the holes when planting, but what type / name of fertilizer is best? Or do you need fertilizer? Scared of over fertilizing and killing them.
3. Once planted, do I need to fertilize them? How often? What type of fertilizer? 
4. Do I need to put mulch around them once planted?
5. Do they need pruned and when / how do you prune? I’ve been told to prune them to promote a good thick hedge and have no gaps at the bottom.

many thanks,


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