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Choice of Shrubs

1634 Racine1634 Racine Posts: 568
Evening everyone.  As ever I’m looking for some advice from this knowledgeable forum.

Im doing my best to try and completely cover the fence in the pictures below.  I’m looking out at it from my living room and there is one bit which is annoying me.  The area next to the seat currently has a big patch of lysimachia - it loves to run riot.  I want to get an evergreen shrub in there at the back to fill that space in under the honeysuckle.

I have two thoughts at the moment.  Either Osmanthus or Escallonia.  I’m not really sure which way to go.

Would Osmanthus flower at same time as honeysuckle (now) and would scent clash? 

Would an escallonia be happy here?  I’m on clay soil in SE England. This spot only gets sun from around 1pm onwards.

Any ideas?  Open to any suggestions.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Based on the information given and a choice between Escallonia and Osmanthus, I would go for Osmanthus. There a few to choose from. They will most likely do better in that spot compared with Escallonias. Escallonias prefer more air space around them and on clay soil, they may not do that well, plus quite a few are prone to fungal leaf spot. I think that large clump in front may have to go or reduced drastically.

    I am the opposite to you, I think sometimes it is not always ideal to cover a screen or fence completely. I like the balance you have there already, and I feel less is more. The shrub could be put somewhere further along to the right and use perennials to create interest and height.
  • 1634 Racine1634 Racine Posts: 568

    Thanks for the reply.  I was actually edging towards Escallonia Iveyi.  I want something to follow on from the honeysuckle

    Border does need a revamp.  I’m going to try and move all the perennials forward and try to create the ‘green wall’ at the back.

    The craziest plan is to try to fit in a Clematis Armandii between the two Cornus.  Wrong plant, wrong place probably but I’m going to roll the dice

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