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No green growth on my Pyracantha

I've got an issue with four of my pyracantha. I've still got stacks of berries from last year but very little new green growth. I've now fed it with Miracle Grow (probably wasn't feeding or watering it enough but I thought they were hardy) but should I also give it an iron feed as some of their leaves are yellow/light green? Many thanks!
PS I've got chalky soil but I've added lots of topsoil. 


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    Sounds like you have tried to create better growing conditions for them, but because they are planted right at the foot of your brick wall, water issues are the first thing that comes to mind. You should also try to widen the border there so you don't get the grass competing with your shrub roots.

    Although Pyacanthas are tough shrubs, they still need a bit of care when young and your shrub looks quite young. Then think about laying a thick layer of bark-chip mulch. This will help to seal in moisture over the summer months. But right now, I recommend watering generously deep into the base. A bucketful every 4-5 days over the summer months and easing off in the autumn.
  • Thanks that's helpful. Do you think they would benefit from an iron feed or will miracle grow be enough?

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    You can try the iron feed, but I personally don't recommend Miracle grow. Shrubs are slower growing plants and often need good compost or yearly top dressing of new compost to help them along. 

    Yellowing leaves are not always indicators of chalky soils. Leaves turn yellow if they are in drought conditions, in excess damp conditions, on heavy compacted soils or have fungal issues. Because it is planted so close to a wall, I suspect your shrubs need water. But if they are growing in poor soil and need nourishment, new layers of compost worked in every spring or autumn will also help them.
  • That's useful to know. I don't have access to decent compost so maybe bonemeal would be worth a try?
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