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Spiders(?) and white things on vine

We have a vine in the greenhouse, purely ornamental. I noticed lots of tiny spiders on and near it plus white things on the stem, which I assumed were eggs. At the same time the top of some of the stems looked a bit droopy. 
I watered the vine and it seems less droopy, and it's easy to assume all things are related, so I did some googling...  The white things might be eggs but apparently they might also be sap being exuded by fast growth. 
Does anyone have any thoughts please?
At the moment the only other things in the greenhouse are some yucca cuttings, but I will be putting tomatoes and other things in there in due course, so want to check if I should be treating a possible pest.

No longer newish but can't think of a new name so will remain forever newish.  B) 


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