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New climber for new fence!

Hi guys!
In January we had a new kitchen and french doors then a new fence.this gave me a completely different view! I took down a huge clematis montana that looked twiggy and often didnt flower well.i have a potato vine that often gets caught out by an early frost,this year it's not too I see this fence much more than I used to,any ideas?! Its full sun first thing then shade.


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    That's a slightly tricky situation in that it faces east and as you say, plants will catch early frosts. It's then in shade so not easy. Also climbers do not do so well in pots as they usually have a large rootspan. It occurs to me that if you put can lift some of those existing plots up on slabs or bricks, with smaller pots in the front hiding the bricks, your existing plants would hide more of the fence. Alternatively the Boulevard series of clematis are specially bred for pots and flower all the way up (but I've not personally tried them yet) but whether they would be happy just with sunshine all morning and then shade, I'm not sure. Hopefully other posters might have more ideas of what would work.  
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  • What a great idea !never thought of staging,maybe a plant theatre type of thing thanks! I've sent the question to helen yem at the telegraph gardening section for her thoughts
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    Or pull u0p one of those slabs and put in a clematis... alpina, or viticella or C. armandii?
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