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Can I plant vegetables on top of tulip bulbs?

My tulips are finished and I have some courgette seedlings ready for planting into larger pots.  Can I plant them on top of the bulbs?  I am currently short of large pots and self-isolating.


  • I think you would do better if you emptied the pot. If the tulips have finished, put them under some soil in a spare corner for the leaves to die off naturally. If this has already happened put them in a paper bag in the garage or colder dark place till November. This is to give the tulip chance to rejuvenate, they may come back next year. If you do not have any new compost, mix in some feed if you have any. Blood fish and bone is best, also any NPK type feed. Any compost heap stuff or old rotted down leaves? That would help. Plant in the seeding And when they start to grow make sure you feed them as they may not have enough food to give you fruit from them. Good luck. Valerie 
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