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Phontinia trees

I have 2 well established photinia trees about 8ft high(1 in back garden and 1 in front garden) and they both are shedding leaves quite dramatically. I have been told I can buy a spray to use in spring and late autumn. Does anyone know if this is true and is so what should I buy and should I burn
the fallen leaves or can I dig them in? Thank you. 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Fallen leaves can be composted elsewhere in your garden. It's hard to know what is happening to your tree/shrub without seeing the plant and the soil conditions. The most common reason for leaf drop on Photinias are planting in exposed and cold areas. They do best on a sunny aspect with some back protection. If not, they fail to thrive.

    Other reason, if not routinely pruned to limit the branches from growing longer, the branches age and on older wood, they tend to not produce leaves. This results in sparse growth over time. The more bushier the growth, the better at forming fresh new leaves.

    Finally, the weather has been pretty warm and last year, there were drought conditions. Over time, it weakens some established shrubs and on evergreen shrubs, they drop leaves faster to help conserve their energy. Perhaps, your plant needs help with watering.
  • thank you for the advice. The tress are in the sun against fences and are probably 15 years old. I will make sure they are well watered and keep sweeping the leaves.
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