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Bamboo ID

harmonyharmony Posts: 398
Hi, can anyone id this Bamboo for me please, I was told it was a clumping one not a runner but there are a few that look the Same to me.
Ideally I would like to move it to a more suitable spot before it gets any bigger so when would be the best time to do this. Thanks...


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  • KiliKili Posts: 1,102
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    It looks very much like the bamboo I have in my garden. Mines the clumping type also.
    Mine is Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys). Mines about 8 years old now and is over 6 feet. I put it in as a screen between the neighbouring property. I'v thinned it out recently. It doesn't spread more than a few inches each year so I just chop it back. A good one to get if your worried about bamboo running rampant.

    The negatives ( for me anyway) are it drops so many leaves. Unless your going to constantly keep raking and clearing up its hard to keep up with it. I'm retiring at the end of the year so I'll have no excuse not to then  :D

    The best time would be the winter but, I would do it now if you want to get it shifted and out the way as we move to the end of spring and head for summer make sure you keep it well watered if you move it.

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    Yes it's Fargesia... not Phyllostachys...   the variety is probably either a dwarf form called 'Simba'... but if it grows taller to 5 foot or so, it will be 'Jumbo'.. however, there may be other named varieties very similar since I had those two... but looking at its growth habit I would go with 'Jumbo'.. and expect it to get larger.... grasshoppers love it..
    ... they are not the easiest to move as they form a very tight clump rooted into soil... but yours is still small enough..
    ...late winter is best, but you can do it now at your own risk.... keep well watered, they soon get the withered look if they go dry..

    ...I should also add, a 3rd variety I had was Fargesia rufa... it may be that too, in which case it grows much taller, but somehow the shape of yours does not remind me of that variety at this stage... 
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  • harmonyharmony Posts: 398
    Thanks, I should have added that it had been in a pot for a couple of years and I replanted it late autumn2018 and it's started to flourish. Since then I've had a Conifer (the small narrow one about 3ft wide by 7/8ft tall) die off at the end of my garden and now it's gone brown😕

    I chopped it down by half in January but not got round to digging it out yet but I'm thinking of replanting the bamboo to replace it. I think I will wait cos I don't want to loose it cos we've not had much rain lately

     I can then dig over the area where the bamboo was (and where it's going) and get a replacement. Can you give me a rough idea of the width 
    the bamboo will reach please, I don't mind about the height if it gets to 6ft that would be great. The area it is going has the same sun / dappled shade condition but it will have a bit more room...
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,626
    ...about 4 foot width as I recall, if it's the one I'm thinking of...  it splays out a bit as you can see in your picture..
    East Anglia, England
  • harmonyharmony Posts: 398
    That will be perfect, thank you for the info..
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