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Screening behind a future shed


I am planning to install a shed into a small-medium garden over the next few years. While this job is by no means urgent I would like to plant some screening behind the (future) shed, perhaps 2-4m. The question is what plant(s) will offer suitable screening in this position?

The details are that:

- I would like to plant the shed as far as possible from the house (so it doesn’t dominate a view from our conservatory). To do this the plant would grow in a fairly narrow wedge shaped gap (going from nothing to 3ft). See pic. 
- the screening would be sandwiched between a fence (north facing) and the future shed. This would leave limited light (below 6ft) and limited access of maintenance. 

The reason I ask this now (prior to installing the shed) is that it may be best to establish some plants before covering them up!

I have considered bamboo (know there are other issues with this!), privet but not sure what would work. Clearly it needs to be fairly narrow but tall. Any ideas?

Clearly I could move the shed out or give up on screening but I’m asking the question in the hope I won’t have too!

To complicate matters(!) soil is clay but I have a good amount of organic matter to prepare the ground. 

Northwich (North West England) 


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    Personally I would use the gap behind the shed and the fence to hide various stuff you don't want to look at, wheelbarrows, canes, buckets etc. which could be very usefull!. If you can pave or concrete the ground whilst preparing the shed base, that will keep the weeds down. Have you thought about turning the shed round so you're only looking at the short side? If you painted it a nice colour, hang flower pots up and decorate the door, it could look quite interesting. 
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
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