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Any recommendations for trough hanging baskets

louise.colleylouise.colley Posts: 102
I have a large trough basket which has 12 sections at the front. I have bought some jumbo cobaea seedings from Sarah Raven but don't have enough (only 8) what would you suggest I could use which annual (maybe seeds if not too late) that trails too - thinking nasturtiums but colour scheme would be a big clash. I went to order more but delivery is mid June :( any recommendations? hopefully the garden centres will be open soon, thank you Louise


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,451
    Hello Louise  :)  Looks like your question slipped through the net. Hopefully now the garden centres have started to reopen you have been able to get what you needed ?
  • louise.colleylouise.colley Posts: 102
    thanks for your response - I have opted to put in some cobaea in them as Sarah Raven says they would well in baskets. Excited to see how they turn out :)
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