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My Grass won’t go green !

linehanr789linehanr789 Posts: 1
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ive been trying to get my grass to look
Nice for months now I’ve bought a grass watering machine and also back in November I used evergreen grass product that is meant to get your grass nice .

also I now have random patches of green grass but not all over 

I have been watering it recently for 2-3 times a week 

Also have horrible patches that now won’t grow back there in the shade all day and are always wet only thing I have poorer onto
it recently
is last bits of empty beer bottles plane thought it was random but googled it and it says it is good for grass could it be this lol

am I doing something wrong any advice much appreciated 

thank you 


  • amancalledgeorgeamancalledgeorge Posts: 2,444
    It sounds to me that you're fighting a fight that you can't win. If that's the whole garden then maybe make some beds for flowers and keep some grass in the sunny part if needed. There's so much more to do to keep grass looking great such as removing thatch and scarifying and reseeding. But is it worth all that work for an area that naturally will never get full sun for the grass to thrive? It's your choice...if that was my garden I'd leave an island in the centre and create borders all around full of colour and texture. 

    Welcome to the forum btw...let's see what advice other will have. 
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