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Thinning out required?

Kokkie1234Kokkie1234 Posts: 2
Hi everyone,

I've sown some V. Bonariensis and was in a bit of a shortage of pots. 

I put about 5 seedlings per pot and planted them out thinking they would grow outwards. But now I'm having second thoughts. 

I can't separate them without damaging the roots a lot. So I'm wondering if can divide them at the end of summer or if it's best to separate them now?



  • yorkshireroseyorkshirerose Posts: 574
    Let them grow as a cluster, the bees will love you for it - butterflies too. They will probably self-seed later and you can wheedle out the ones you don't want then.
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  • Kokkie1234Kokkie1234 Posts: 2
    Thanks :)
    I'll leave them and keep an eye on them.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,872
    They'll be fine  :)

    You can also take cuttings from them a bit later on, when they're bigger. They're very easy done that way.
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