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Nicotiana Whisper Mixed returns

Last year I planted some Nicotiana jumbo seedlings I'd purchased from Sarah Raven. They were amazing all the way up to Nov and were huge. I have just noticed that 2 which I had planted into the boarders got new leaf growth coming but I thought they were annuals? can anyone advise plse. I am hopeful they will come back as we're stunning. thank you 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,321
    Yes they should come back.
    Having gone through winter don't expect the same performance as last year necessarily though.
    I grow N.Sylvestris and most of them pop up again each year, but they are so easy from seed I replace them as in the 2nd year thy're quite a bit smaller

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  • Super news thank you - I have some seedlings coming through from the seeds I took from these. I hadn't appreciated they come back thanks for letting me know. 
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